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Slightly Obsessive

My life is ruled by my obsessions

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This is a semi-friends-only (fandom posts generally unlocked, no worries) journal of an obsessively organized math-&-movie geek addicted to chocolate, who also happens to be opinionated, prone to rants on human stupidity, bigotry and intolerance, and has borderline unhealthy amounts of affection for ones Jensen Ackles and Tom Hardy. [Yes, that means A LOT of fangirlish squeeing. Consider yourselves warned.]

Oh, and I'm also a co-mod at spn_bitesized (together with the lovely somnolentblue), which is a DW comm for comment-sized Supernatural fanworks.

That's about it, as far as introductions go. Care to join me? ^_^
abby/connor, action movies, adam lambert, adam milligan, adam/kris, alec hardison, alec mcdowell, alice/hatter, andrew-lee potts, arthur, arthur/eames, batman begins, bob lee swagger, books, boondock saints, bosco, carver edlund, chocolate, christian kane, constantine, dancing, darcy/elizabeth, dark angel, dean smith, dean winchester, dean/sam, dexter, dexter morgan, donald strachey/timmy callahan, eames, eliot spencer, eliot/hardison/parker, equilibrium, fanfic, fantasy, fiction, firefly, four brothers, friday night lights, hardison/parker, harry potter, harry/hermione, hermione granger, hot fuzz, hustle, inception, j2, jared padalecki, jason bourne, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, john thornton, john watson, john winchester, joss whedon, kakuro, karl urban, kradam, kyle/marcus, latin, laurie r. king, leverage, linkin park, lord of the rings, lucas north, lyla/tim, malcolm reynolds, marcus wright, maria/michael, mark wahlberg, mary russell, math, matt damon, matt saracen, matthew macfadyen, mi-5, michael/nikita, movies, mp3s, music, mythology, nora roberts, north & south, numb3rs, nutella, original fic, panthers, parker, penny/sheldon, pitch black, podfics, popcorn, pride and prejudice, primeval, reading, richard armitage, riddick, river tam, robert ludlum, ronon dex, roswell, sam wesson, sam winchester, science fiction, serenity, sheldon cooper, sherlock (bbc), sherlock holmes, shooter, singing, spike, spooks, stand-up comedy, stargate: atlantis, sudoku, supernatural, swimming, tami hoag, tattoos, terminator: salvation, the big bang theory, the dark knight, the mummy, the vicar of dibley, third watch, tim riggins, tom hardy, transformers, vin diesel, x-men